Pricing + Services


We will use various frameworks to analyze your business and determine a customized sales process that will help accelerate your revenue.

Sales mentorship and sales coaching services billed hourly.


1 on 1 Coaching & Analysis

Having trouble identifying why your sales are low?

Work with a Sales Mentor who will assess your business, to help you identify gaps in your sales process and sales team. We will then develop and implement strategies to increase revenue.

If you're in Toronto, we're happy to visit your office and do an in-depth white boarding or sales training session with you in person.

Outbound Email Campaigns

Trying to get more demos set for your sales team?

We'll put together a sales process of 4-6 email templates with engaging subject lines and content that will lead to more demo's booked for you and your sales team to increase revenue. 

User Flow Analysis

Do you have a SaaS product or selling a product online?

We have UX experience and will complete an analysis of your User Flow to help you drive more trial sign-ups, plus suggest ways to improve your trial/conversion ratio.

Implementing a strong sales process in your user flow is an easy way to increase revenue and generate more leads for your sales team.

Hiring/Screening a Sales Team

Building  a Sales Team and trying to land top performers? 

We can help write sale representative job descriptions, screen resumes and build a hiring process that will help you identify Best-in-Class sales representatives that you want on your sales team.

Forecasting And Setting Targets 

Trying figure out what next month's/quarter's target should be and what you have in the pipeline? 

We'll help you set an achievable sales target, figure out what's in your sales pipeline, determine your sales gap and craft a sales strategy to help your sales team hit target.

Pitch Analysis & Script Writing

Having trouble conveying your message over the phone on cold calls or during product demos?

We'll do an analysis of your sales process and work with you to understand your value propositions, client challenges and develop questions you should be asking to uncover real pain points.

Then all you need to do is follow the sales process and have your sales team read the script to increase revenue! We can also provide sales training to help them adjust.

IDeal Customer Profiles

Who are your ideal customer/clients that help increase revenue the most?

Usually companies think they know who they should be targeting, when in fact the ideal customer  is actually someone completely different or not being approached correctly.

We'll help you pinpoint who your ideal clients/customers are - what they are thinking, feeling and doing; so your sales team messaging can be laser-focused to win more business throughout your entire sales process.

Sales Team Training & Coaching

Is your sales team under performing?

We'll work with you to get them fully motivated. This includes implementing proper KPI's, finding areas to focus sales training and building team based incentives to motivate the sales team to over achieve.

If you're in Toronto, we're happy to help you lead a sales training session at your office.