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Jeff Riseley, Founder and Sales Mentor

Sales is my passion and I've been a top performer and sales mentor with a wide range of experience working at start-ups, small, medium and large-sized companies.

I've been responsible for building and leading successful sales teams from scratch and understand where sales processes breakdown and how to get them back on track quickly.

I lead my life with empathy and humility - something all businesses need to do to truly understand how to sell to their customers and clients.

I'm looking forward to meeting with you in person or over the phone to help you take control of your sales process and set you up for success.

Specialties - Inside Sales, B2B, B2C, Go to Market Strategy, Technology, Customer Acquisition, Sales Team Training, Sales Process, Process Execution, Culture & Motivation,  Canada and US markets

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Ryan Hiscox, Mentor

During my seventeen-year sales career I’ve had exposure to many aspects of this profession. My work experiences afforded me a specialization within B2B, inside sales for technology companies in Canada and the USA who are small to medium-sized.

In recent years I have been involved with several startups who have gone from $0 in revenue to over $25M in ARR within three years. I am also fortunate enough to have worked with Canada’s largest corporations and some of the world's fastest growing billion dollar companies on their journey to exponential year-over-year revenue growth.

One thing today's small/medium businesses have in common is that their products are disruptive and have potential to reach customers on a global scale. Improvements to ‘inside sales’ and advancements in sales enablement technology have made these aggressive growth patterns possible and economically viable. However, 3x growth or even 10x growth is only attainable for those willing to take their sales programs as seriously as their product quality

Specialties - Inside Sales, B2B, Technology, Customer Acquisition, Sales team Training, Sales Process, Process Execution, Culture & Motivation, Commission Structure, SMB, Canada, USA

Ryan Hiscox Work Experience


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