Frequently Asked Questions


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What do I get in my First Free Consultation?

You get a 1 on 1 personal coaching session, where a Sales Mentor will discuss your business challenges, understand your concerns and formulate a preliminary strategy.

These meetings will be conducted via screen share. If you're located in downtown Toronto this can be done in person.

What if I need help closing business?

Our experience and processes will set you up for success. If you want to include us on customer facing calls or meetings, we can agree upon a commission rate to be paid on deals closed, in addition to our hourly rate for services rendered.


How does billing work?

We invoice our services on a retainer fee basis. Hours worked on the project will be applied to this retainer at the agreed upon rate.

Example: Script building estimate for a product demo - 3 hours = $300 @ $100/hr

Do you do contract work?

If you have a particularly challenging project that will require a great deal of effort, we can negotiate a longer-term contract that is amenable to both parties.